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Ka Safar
Ancient Tribal Hearts

Ancient Tribal Hearts
Ancient Tribal HeartsAncient Tribal Hearts


Ka Safar




1x Vinyl LP Stereo



Release date

Jan 24, 2022





Ka Safar Ancient Tribal Hearts 2 Headed Deer lp vinyl record turtle records brussels belgium

Oh! Friends of good nature!

A thousand welcomes of great warmth from Ka Safar! And that, at a truthfully splendorous time, for hither, by crying throws comes the birthing of our own very first long playing reference, named ‘Ancient Tribal Hearts’. And beyond even that, as echoed by the Brace Heads upon the Great Iberian Deer, through her smouldering grace and benevolence, arrives our bounty, to you, dear listener!

Ancient Tribal Hearts: An age in the making - such as the great pyramid’s themselves! From the seminal morning of the first Ka Safarian sunrise, to the falling of this past Hunter's Moon, a lowly tuneful scribe burned oil those many nights at his great tablet made of precious and magical metals, forging hieroglyphic pathways where the Ka Safarians would gather, and from thence, make their unanimous and untold journeys onward, outward, inward, allward…

The transit to Pangea is set!
Oh! Blessed friends!
Pray, let us now step aboard this wondrous ship!

Ka is the Spirit and Safar is the Journey.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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